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Rockland Farm Alliance

"The Rockland Farm Alliance is Rockland Farm Alliance is a non-profit broad-based coalition of farmers, community activists, local officials, and interested citizens with a simple mission to preserve, create and enhance sustainable food production in Rockland County." Rockland Farm Alliance History

Rockland farm alliance barn
  • Rockland Farm Alliance (RFA) is a non-profit organization committed to preserving Rockland County’s farmland. 

  • The Rockland Farm Alliance was formed in 2017.

  • The biggest farm project for the RFA is the Cropsey Community Farm. This farm provides USDA Certified Organic produce to CSA Members, farmers' markets, and local restaurants.

  • The farm team strives to learn and implement the best land stewardship practices for our area, and is devoted to sustainable & regenerative agricultural practices. Their efforts are recognized by an award from Rockland Business Association for water conservation.

  • "RFA’s Cropsey Community Farm also hosts RFA's education programs. Our community workshops and special events offer students of all ages a variety of opportunities to learn about various aspects of farming, food, & sustainability." Rockland Farm Alliance History

Rockland farm alliance barn and garden

Cropsey Community Farm has many volunteer opportunities, which often includes: feeding the animals, setting up events, cleaning up after events, weeding an area, pruning, mulching, and planting. In addition, Cropsey Farm also hosts large volunteer events every month. 

For more volunteer program's go to the website. 


Rockalnd Farm Alliance girl scout event
Cropsey Farm Market

Cropsey Farm Market

The Cropsey Farm Market is where the Farm sells their produce and kitchen staples. It is usually available from May to November. The Market opens on:

Fridays 10am - 6pm

Saturdays 10am - 5pm
Sundays 10am - 3pm

Furthermore, many independent market vendors sell their products at the Farm Market. 

To learn more about the Cropsey Farm Market go to this website.

Cropsey Farm Market RFA
Cropsey community Farm Market
Cropsey Farm Market


Rockland Farm Alliance conducts many events throughout the year.

Some examples of past events:

  •  "Mother's Day Plant Sale & Farm Market opening. Cropsey's opening weekend! Bring your mom, grandma, aunties - the entire family to the farm. Have lunch at the food trucks, shop at the craft market, and pick up plants for your garden. RFA staff and Cropsey farmers will be there to answer your gardening questions!"

  • "Tomato Day! All things tomato at market this day! Come tour, taste, and learn all about our favorite summer fruit."

  • "Strawberry Festival. ... a fun day with some local craft and food vendors, strawberry picking, music, etc."

Other events that they have planned consist of tours (ex: tomato tour & tour of the farm), concerts, dinners, pick your own crops, CSA events, golf outing. etc.

For more information on events hosted by RFA/Cropsey Community Farm, go to


Created by: Victoria Foxton, Girl Scout from 2011-2023

Promote Local Farming


Rockland Farm Alliance &

Cropsey Community Farm

220 South Little Tor Road

New City, NY 10956


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